Benefits of the HARP Program

Benefits of the HARP Program

Do you have an underwater mortgage? Are you wondering how HARP 2.0 can benefit you? The HARP program can provide you with a reduction in your payments if you are a homeowner whose mortgage interest rates are higher than current housing market rates!

HARP benefits creditworthy homeowners with proven commitment to making mortgage payments on time. HARP 2.0 allows homeowners (previously unable to refinance their loans) to take advantage of today’s lower interest rates!

Reap Long Term HARP Benefits

Underwater homeowners who refinance towards a more stable fixed-rate loan can expect long-term improvement in their finances. By avoiding increases in mortgage payments, HARP 2.0 can save you money and reduce the interest of your loan duration.

With the money you save with HARP, you can:

  • Save for a college fund!
  • Save for a family vacation!
  • Remodel or redecorate your home!
  • Pay off credit card debt!
  • And more!

The HARP program can put your worries at bay, so contact one of our experienced loan consultants to understand your options and prepare your application today!

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